The Mollicar Woods Sing organised by Almondbury Methodist Church
Wild Church

People often say they feel closest to God when they are on the top of a mountain or they marvel at the beauty of a flower, and not everyone feels that coming into a building and sitting through a traditional church service with sermons and hymns is for them, so we're going outside.

Wild Church is for those who would prefer to wonder about God in his wonderful creation. It's for all ages and dogs (on leads) are welcome too.

Wild Church is informal and includes (not everything every time):
  • walking (gentle strolling)
  • chatting/reflecting on things from the bible
  • outside activities such as kite flying, collecting leaves, paddling
  • noticing nature
  • drinks and cake
  • things we haven't thought about yet!
We meet every 4-6 weeks and every time it's different - different locations, different activities. Events last approximately 1.5 hours (maybe up to 2hrs by the time we get back to our cars).

You will need clothes and foot-ware suitable for the weather and location. Bring your own drink, cake will be provided.

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