One member of Almondbury Methodist Church, with pigeons to be sponsored
Sponsor A Pigeon

For over 30 years, one of our members, Alex C has raised and raced pigeons. In 2007, Alex setup 'Sponsor-A-Pigeon' to raise money for Almondbury Methodist Church, and The Wesley Centre.

Back in April 2007, Alex offered 30 young birds for sponsorship by church members. The sponsorship included: choosing the name, certificate of sponsorship, regular newsletters giving updates on training and racing, and a visit to the loft to see your pigeon (by appointment only). In May 2008, a further 30 birds, the young of last year's pigeons, have been offered for sponsorship by church members.

Early in the year, the 'old birds' are busy breeding this years young. The young will then be racing between July and September. Once the young have been weaned from the parents they will be moved to their own section of the loft and will begin to develop strength to fly. At this stage training begins by flying around the loft, moving to short trips of just a handful of miles and building up to approximately 50 mile training sessions as we near the racing season.

Each year, our pigeon sponsors, get together for a barbecue, and a chance to visit the loft to see their pigeon.

Have a look at 'Amateur's Guide to the Pigeon Loft' (an insider's account of what happens in the Pigeon Loft, by Sarah G). Watch out for the latest leadership board, which will be coming online soon.

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