Exploring our faith using Living The Questions at Almondbury Methodist Church
Exploring our faith through 'Living the Questions'

Over a series of sessions to explore our faith, a small group met to watch and discuss the 'Living the Questions' DVD.

The DVDs are organised into different episodes each with a different theme. Each episode contains soundbites from a variety of theologians sharing their ideas, views and thoughts on this theme.

What makes 'Living the Questions' so useful and accessible for exploring faith, is that it recognises that people have questions about faith and these sessions provided a safe environment to ask those questions.

The purpose of the sessions was to enable anyone with questions to have the freedom to ask the questions. In exploring and discussing these questions, we can find out more about how we should live as Christians in the 21st Century.

For further information about the 'Living the Questions' DVD series see www.livingthequestions.com, or the Progressive Christian Network at www.pcnbritain.org.uk.

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