Lent Sessions at Almondbury Methodist Church
Lent Sessions 2010

Following the success of our Lent groups back in 2009, we decided to read a different book and get together over a series of sessions to discuss it. The book we read this time was 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ' by Philip Pullman.

This book is a story which takes some stories we are familiar with from the Bible and adds an interesting twist. Without giving too much away, the story begins with Mary giving birth to twins, one called Jesus and the other called Christ and the story goes on to show how their lives unfold.

See some reviews below from people who read the book and attended the Lent Sessions:

"At first I found it difficult to read this book, as it was like reading a story from the Bible, but in a different way. I had to keep reminding myself this is not the Bible, but is a story based on the Bible. After reading the book, I appreciate that the Bible itself is a collection of stories written by different people, for different audiences."

"A clever story which is so well written by Philip Pullman. It gives us a lot to think about - the Bible, the Church, Christianity and helps us to explore what we actually believe.".

"The introduction of the Stranger during the story adds a really interesting element. It really makes you think."

"What a book, what a story! Love it. Before reading this book I had many questions about my faith in God. I still have these questions but feel it is ok to have these questions. God is working within us, helping us to make sense of the world and ourselves."

"A brilliant book for exploring faith in small groups or house groups. Lots to discuss. Many questions come out of this book. Highly recommended."

If you are interested in reading this book please go to an online book store or pop into your local bookshop. 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ' by Philip Pullman. ISBN-10: 0857860070, ISBN-13: 978-0857860071.

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