Lent Sessions at Almondbury Methodist Church
Lent Sessions 2009

For our Lent Sessions in 2009, we did a series of sessions exploring the book 'God of Surprises' by Gerard Hughes. Everyone who signed up to attend the sessions, read a chapter before the session and then met each week to discuss how they found it.

Text from the cover of the book reads as below:

"Jesus said, 'The kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field'. God of Surprises shows how we can find that treasure in the most unlikely of places - ourselves. Written for 'bewildered, confused, or disillusioned Christians' as a guide for the most inner spiritual journey. God of Surprises is an unforgettable book that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of readers. The text has been revised by the author for this new edition.

Gerard Hughes lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, but works ecumenically on spirituality throughout the world, introducing retreats in daily life and offering training courses to enable lay people to accompany other lay people in prayer and in retreat-giving. He is also the author of In Search of a Way, Walk to Jerusalem, God Where are You? and God In All Things."

See some reviews below from people who read the book and attended the Lent Sessions:

"Excellent book. I loved this book. I read this at a time when I had many doubts and was full of questions. After reading this book, I realise it is ok for me to have these questions, as it helps me to make sense of things, to know myself and to have a closer relationship with God."

"Reading this book was a little hard going in places. There was quite a lot to read in preparation for the next session. I'm glad I've read it and saw it through to the end. It has really changed how I think.... God is within and wants to work through us...."

"I found a number of topics in this book really interesting and insightful. In particular his reference to Von Hugel's work which explores the three main stages in human development (infancy, adolescence and maturity) and how religion must take into account three corresponding essential elements (institutional, critical and mystical). In a different part of the book, he explores the inner chaos and false images of God. Brilliant! His words make so much sense and it just clicks for me."

"Great book for small groups, house groups. Lots of good topics to discuss. Highly recommended."

"I think this book is not just for Christians who are disillusioned or confused or have many questions, this book is ideal for anyone who wants to start their journey with God."

If you are interested in reading this book please go to an online book store or pop into your local bookshop. 'God of Surprises' by Gerard W Hughes. ISBN-10: 0232527253, ISBN-13: 978-0232527254.

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