Lent Sessions at Almondbury Methodist Church
Lent Sessions 2011

During Lent in 2011, we met together weekly to discuss the book 'Finding Sanctuary' by Abbott Christopher Jamison.

If you're not familiar with Abbott Christopher Jamison, you may recall a television series back in 2005/6 called 'The Monastery'. The series followed five people from very different walks of life as they looked for peace and direction in their lives. They each took time away from their busy lives and participated in the monastic community at Worth Abbey, learning from the monks who follow the Rule of St Benedict.

Following the television series Abbott Christopher Jamison from Worth Abbey wrote 'Finding Sanctuary', exploring with us the Rule of St Benedict which can offer guidance in our everyday lives. St Benedictine's wisdom and teachings, enable those who want to commit to it, an opportunity to change their lives, by taking steps to remove the obstacles which get in our way of finding sanctuary.

See some feedback below from people who read 'Finding Sanctuary' by Abbott Christopher Jamison and attended the Lent Sessions held here in Almondbury Methodist Church.

"Brilliant book! Abbott Christopher Jamison has a way with words which is really helpful and inspiring."

"Thanks to this book, I now see how busy I choose to be. I now see the importance of moments of silence in my life. The book and the sessions were really helpful and really made me think. It has helped me to be myself, be an individual and my life feels richer for reading this book."

"The silent times at first felt long and uncomfortable and I found myself thinking about the shopping list or what to cook for tea when I get home. After having more times of silence, I now find it easier to be in the silence. I feel more able to enjoy the peace and clarity that comes with the silent times.

"The book was excellent. It was a really good book to read and discuss as part of the Lent Sessions. Would highly recommend. There was lots to discuss and it was helpful to see how other people found it."

If you are interested in reading this book please go to an online book store or pop into your local bookshop. 'Finding Sanctuary' by Abbott Christopher Jamison. ISBN-10: 0753821494, ISBN-13: 978-0753821497.

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