The Grand Plan at Almondbury Methodist Church and The Wesley Centre
The Grand Plan - Building Project

In 1999 the Church undertook a Stewardship Review of its activities and redefined its aims under the theme of ‘One Vision’. This review was of significant benefit in helping to refocus the life and work of the Church as it entered the twenty first century. Almondbury Methodist Church has the reputation of a welcoming Church and was keen to build on this and other strengths as it seeked not only to encourage new growth in the Church but to open its doors more effectively to the wider community.

The ‘One Vision’ programme brought the Church community together through worship, teaching and fellowship and enabled us to improve access to our premises for all and to make them a more appealing, acceptable and appropriate place to meet.

Key features of the Grand Plan include:

- More welcoming, mainly glass entrance to the Chapel, with a feature window, lowered ceiling and special lighting effects

-Cross as a visible sign of our faith and a more open view of the interior of the Chapel

- Improved and widened access for all from the Chapel to the Hall, with new access directly into the Hall rather than alongside the stage

- A stair lift to improve wheelchair access between the Chapel and hall

- Wheelchair accessible toilets for both Chapel and Hall levels

- Toilet facilities in a new block at the back of the Hall

- Provision of baby changing facilities

- Redecoration inside and externally

- Improved audio-visual facilities, capable of integration with multimedia equipment

- Improvements to lighting in the Chapel and Hall

- Replacement gas fired, high efficiency, more cost effective central heating system using modern radiator panels and allowing more accurate control

- Enlarged kitchen with serving hatch facility into the middle of the Hall

- Improved vestry capable of use as a small meeting room

- Wheelchair accessible shower for use by drama groups

- Improved suite of meeting rooms to include good crèche facility

- Improved entrance / welcome to 'The Wesley Centre'

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