Shaping The Future Community Exhibition at Almondbury Methodist Church
Shaping The Future Exhibition

From Friday 11th November 2005 to the 13th November 2005, Almondbury Methodist Church staged a unique first time exhibition which presented a perspective on community life. Over one thousand people were involved in creating the exhibition, many visiting the display over the weekend. The exhibition was made up of three sections:

The Clay

Organised by the Youth Action Project, a display of up to 1500 small clay models was on view, each one made by individuals from local groups such as schools, institutions, and special workshops. The clay was provided free and the result reflected the rich diversity of our locality.

Those who had the opportunity to view Anthony Gormley's "Field for the British Isles", and his 40,000 figures will see where the inspiration for this display came from. The figures were simple in form and quick to make, but each one was unique in it's own way, like the unique lives of the many individuals who are part of the community.

The wider network of families and friends of those who made the figures stretched across the world and so the display became a visible sign of many nations being held together. More than that though there was a real sense of all the different people living alongside each other, in one place at one time.

The Stories

This section of the exhibition provided an opportunity to see a collection of photographs and storyboards from the "Forgiveness Project". The works have been produced through a charitable organisation, with no political or religious affiliations, that works at a local, national and international level to promote conflict resolution and restorative practices as alternatives to the endless cycles of conflict, violence, and crime, that are the hallmarks of our time. It was a privilege to have accommodated this stimulating and thought provoking exhibition.

The Photographs

The third section of the exhibition displayed photographic work undertaken by young people from Almondbury and represented a snapshot of local life and complimented the other work displayed to reflect the life of the Almondbury community.

The display culminated in a celebration for peace on Remembrance Sunday involving members of many different faith groups from the local area.
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