Chance to Dance 2007 in The Wesley Centre at Almondbury Methodist Church
Chance to Dance

From July 2007 to October 2007 the Wesley Centre hosted an activity for young people aged 8-13 which provided an opportunity for them to learn dance and drama skills and enjoy singing. The project was sponsored by Almondbury Youth Action Project and were run by the Communities United Project. The funding to finance this project came from Kirklees Metropolitan Council’s Community Support Services.

Altogether we held twelve sessions and there was a total overall attendance of 198 children. Most were girls although there were one or two boys who were to be congratulated on staying the course.

Each time the sessions led to a Music/Dance Production attended by parents, brothers, sisters and friends which was very much appreciated. Trisha B was the person from CUP who coordinated the whole Project. Since then she has left the area and taken up a job in Aberdeenshire. However, her work with the children of this neighbourhood has been much appreciated.

This Project, and a similar Project which took place at St.Michaels and St.Helens Church Hall at the South End of the Village, culminated in a visit to the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, attended by over thirty young people, to see the professional production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Starlight Express’. There is no doubt that these young people will remember this experience for many years to come.

It is the intention of the Management Committee of the Wesley Centre to promote various activities like this over the next few years for the benefit of young people from Almondbury.

This Management Committee, made up of people from the Methodist Church and people from the wider community, meets about every two months to discuss developments at the Wesley Centre. We would welcome contributions to this meeting from members of the local community. If you are interested in making a contribution please contact Mike T on 01484 545659.

The Wesley Centre exists to provide facilities and promote activities for the people of Almondbury. We have excellent facilities, easy access for small children and people with disabilities, and will offer a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to use our premises.
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