Almondbury Methodist Church - In the beginning
It all started here.... many years!

On September 7th 1968, the new Almondbury Methodist Church opened it doors on the site it stands today. Previous to this, there has always been a Methodist presence in Almondbury and there were two Methodist Churches - Zion Methodist Church and St Johns Methodist Church.

In the 1960s both of these Churches joined together and formed the new Almondbury Methodist Church. Almondbury Methodist Chapel is located on the site of the old St Johns Methodist Church.

See some newspaper clippings below from years gone by. Click on a newspaper clipping to open up a larger view.

Reproduced from Huddersfield Examiner, Thursday 13th June 1967:

Reproduced from Huddersfield Examiner, Thursday 7th September 1989:

For further information about how Methodism started with John Wesley, visit 'The Methodist Church In Britain' website at:

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